"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen."
- Brené Brown


Is therapy right for me?
People choose to begin therapy for many different reasons including a major life transition, loss, grief, feelings of depression and/or anxiety, a desire to improve self-esteem, an intention to heal, a desire for more meaning, and more connection in relationships.  And many people know they want to change something but they're not sure where to start.  We will begin and honor where you are with a deep sense of curiosity.

What should I expect from therapy?
Therapy is a safe place where you can be seen and where all of your thoughts and feelings can be felt and experienced. While the therapeutic process can bring clarity, meaning, and insight, change and growth are not always comfortable.  The process of healing and letting go of what no longer works while developing and building new skills can feel simultaneously empowering and uncomfortable.  This is part of the process, and we will work together to ensure you feel supported.   

What will our first visit be like?
Our first visit is a place for us to begin to get to know each other.  We will talk about your goals, what matters to you the most, and why you're seeking therapy.  I will share with you how I might be helpful to you if you decide to work with me.  It is also a place for you to bring questions about my experience and therapy style to decide if we are a good fit.